Calcium caseinates

Calcium Caseinates are proteins mainly used for their nutritional values related to the alkali calcium carbonate. Its main food uses are for powders requiring rapid dispersion into water.

Product information

Calcium caseinates are produced from fresh skimmed milk. With neutralization the proteins in the curd are made functional and soluble. An alkali containing calcium is used for this. The next step is drying.

Because of the calcium intake in the calcium caseinate it becomes an interesting ingredient for its nutritional properties. Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the human body. It has its function in a good working metabolism of our cells and is also involved in kidney functions, the activation of certain enzymes and in blood coagulation. But Calcium is also very important for bone growth and maintenance.

The calcium caseinates are applied in clinical-, sports- and infant- nutrition as well as in dietetics.


 - (Procecessed) cheese

 - Dietary products

 - Infant nutrition

 - Clinical nutrition

 - Sport nutrition

Product’s advantages

 - It has good emulsifying and foaming qualities

 - It is used for stabilizing and thickening

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