Sodium caseinates

Sodium caseinates are produced from fresh skimmed milk. With Neutralization the curds from the skim milk acid coagulation are made soluble. After that, the protein contained in the curd is rendered functional and soluble. Finally an alkali containing sodium (sodium hydroxide or soda) is added. After that the dehydration (drying) is the last step.

Spray dried Sodium caseinates are known for their highly viscosity and emulsifying properties. That’s why they are often applied in ready meals, sausages, coffee creamers and other dairy products.

Extruded sodium caseinates are neutralized in an extruder. The dry matter of the final product is close to 94%. In the next step the extruded sodium caseinates are grounded. This allows to get a desired particle size. The product is often applied in coffee creamer and delicatessen.

Product’s advantages

 - It has Emulsifier and thickening qualities

 - It has Texturizing properties

 - It has a low viscosity


 - Coffee whiteners

 - Ready-to-eat-meals

 - Dairy products

 - Dietetics

 - Meat processing (for example sausages)

 - Sports nutrition

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