Micellar caseinates

Native Micellar Casein Concentrate (MCC) is a superior replacement for sodium caseinate – a commonly used emulsifier. Native MCC offers greater emulsifying capacity, which can lead to ingredient cost savings.

Compared to sodium caseinate and milk protein concentrate (MPC), our native micellar casein concentrate is lighter in color and milder in flavor. In protein applications, Native MCC delivers clean protein with less impact on appearance or taste.


 - 95% casein derived from Grade A milk

 - Very light color with neutral taste and aroma

 - Slow absorbing protein for increased satiety

 - Night-time recovery protein

 - High protein content and calcium-rich

 - Heat stable and extremely soluble

 - Superior emulsification properties

 - Cost-effective as replacement ingredient for Sodium   Caseinate


 - Coffee creamer

 - Dairy beverages

 - Processed cheese

 - Sports nutrition products

 - Yogurt

 - Whipped topping

 - Biscuits and other baked goods

 - Sauces

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